Welcome to the new home of My Favourite Game

We’re here.

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Since it started a year ago, My Favourite Game has been posted on my own personal blog, johnnycullen.net. And that was fine to start off with for its first season and its second season. But, the ever loving parent I am, it was time to kick it out from there and find a new home whilst have my blog be, well, my blog again.

Well, here’s the new place. Welcome to the new home of My Favourite Game.


There’s nothing massively dramatic about the site, it’s actually the same theme I use for my own blog. But otherwise, it should be a bit more pleasing and suiting for the show. But the main thing is that, on the surface, it doesn’t feel like a blog when looking at it (if you discount the WordPress bar above it). The front page has a wheel at the top of the page with episodes and other things rotating.

Like I said, there’s nothing massively dramatic, but I did want to bring it up because, hey, it does look slightly cool.

All episodes from Season 1 and 2 have made the jump from my blog are now live on here, with Season 3 all going live each Wednesday exclusively at this site from here on out once it starts soon (more below).

More social stuff

Midway through Season 2, I put together a Twitter and Facebook page for the show. And if you haven’t done so already, follow and like them both respectively. I also set up a dedicated YouTube channel for the show with all episodes currently on there, so be sure to hit subscribe and like any of the episodes you listen to over there.

But hey, there’s one more outlet to add to that now, something games-specific: Steam.

My Favourite Game now has a Steam group set up and I’ve also curated the games talked about on the show that are on the PC, whether they be the main focus of an episode or an honourable mention. You can check out the group here.

Season 3

But there’s the main event – Season 3. When? I’m not quite ready to spill deeds just yet, but I would put September 28 in the diary for… stuff, lets say. I’ll have a lot more to share then on Season 3. What? I like to tease and/or surprise.

But I will say this is perhaps shaping up to be the best season of My Favourite Game yet. Stay tuned to Twitter, Facebook and on here for the details.


And that’s it. If you have anymore feedback, let us know on Twitter @MFGPodcast or on Facebook. You can also let me know what you think personally on Twitter @JohnnyCullen.

Thanks for reading. And stay tuned for Season 3 in the next few… soon.

Johnny Cullen,
Host/Producer, My Favourite Game