The Promised Land! My Favourite Game is up for a Games Media Award

Probably time to scrub up. Oh and the Season 3 start date too.

gma banner

My Favourite Game has been going for a year (production wise anyways – it’ll be early October before it hits the one year anniversary of it hitting your ears) and to say I’m proud of the show and what its done in having people tell their stories of their love for games as a whole and specific games (it continues to keep going with Season 3) is an understatement.

But today, my sense of pride grew. My Favourite Game is up for the Best Podcast award (Independent side anyways) at the Games Media Awards and I could not be any happier than I am right now that is the case.

All the thanks in the world to the guests – past and future – who made the show what it was and who took the time out to talk of the love and passion they have for games (like I said, it’s continuing to grow with Season 3). My thanks also to Alan Williamson and Alex Donaldson, two Season 1 guests who have also been big help behind the scenes.

But especially of all, big thanks to YOU. Thank YOU for listening to it while more or less still in its infancy. And all this before Season 3 hits. Even then, there’s still great big ambitious plans ahead for what’s to come, but for now, it’s gratifying to know that on a personal level, its all been worth it. So again, thank you.

One more thing. I was going to keep this announcement (or rather, announcements) for Monday, but after this, fuck it. I’m happy to announce that My Favourite Game – Season 3 starts Wednesday, October 7. No lineup deets yet (hey, like to keep some surprises), BUT those will come on Thursday, October 1.

Things are happening. And I am very excited to see them come to fruition in many ways and this GMA nod is just the tip of the iceberg.

Thank you once again. xx