Here is your lineup for My Favourite Game – Season 3

My Favourite Game is…


At long last, I can finally announce the lineup for the third season of My Favourite Game.

Even though it’s nearly been a year since it started (in fact, it will be a year next week), I feel this is the best lineup put together yet. Ten people from throughout the games industry come on and delve into their favourite game as well as the relationship they have with it.

It all starts on October 7, next Wednesday, with freelance writer Jordan Erica Webber discussing The Sims 2.

We also have some amazing appearances later in the season too from Tom Francis and Robin Hunicke, someone who I, personally speaking, am super fucking stoked to have on considering her involvement in one of my own favourite games (Journey), to name a few. And for the Season Finale, Sam Barlow – of Her Story and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories fame – will round off Season 3 of My Favourite Game on December 16.

But there’s more. There’s two Holiday specials planned for Christmas and New Year. On Christmas Eve, there’ll be the Best of Season 3 special, as there’s always been post-season. But there’s an additional one planned for New Year’s Eve that somewhat bends the meaning of the show. Just a little bit. That’s your only hint.

One little bit of housekeeping: the show will be taking a two-week break after episode five with Videobrains’ Jake Tucker on November 4 (hey, we all gotta get our Fallout 4 in the week after). It’ll return on November 18 with freelance writer Carli Velocci. Oh, and although you now know who’ll be on, you won’t know the games lineup until before each guest’s episode the week before (with the exception of Jordan right now – we’re six days out).

Otherwise, here is the full lineup for Season 3 of My Favourite Game.

Season 3 – Part One

Wednesday, October 7 [Season Premiere]
The Sims 2, by Jordan Erica Webber [Freelancer]

Tuesday, October 13
Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil, by Dan Pearce [Four Circle Interactive]

Wednesday, October 21
Fallout 3, by Harriet Jones [Chucklefish]

Wednesday, October 28
Persona 3, by Sarah Wellock [Bethesda]

Wednesday, November 4
X=COM: Enemy Unknown, by Jake Tucker [Videobrains]

Season 3 – Part Two

Wednesday, November 18
Silent Hill 2, by Carli Velocci [Freelancer]

Wednesday, November 25
Deus Ex, by Tom Francis [Indie dev – Gunpoint/Heat Signature]

Wednesday, December 2
Final Fantasy VII, by Daniel Seto [Square Enix]

Thursday, December 10 [Season Finale – Part One]
Katamari Damacy, by Robin Hunicke [Funomena]

Wednesday, December 16 [Season Finale – Part Two]
Sam Barlow [Indie dev – Her Story]


Christmas Eve [Special 1]
The Best of Season 3

New Year’s Eve [Special 2]
My Favourite Game (of 2015)