COMPETITION: Happy birthday to us! Have some games on us!



It’s our first birthday this week! No no, you don’t have to bake us cake. Oh if you insist, can we please have a strawberry ice cream cake? You’re the best. Thanks.

(For real, there is actual cake talk in the Season Premi̬re this week Рseriously)

My Favourite Game turns one year old on Thursday (or if you want to get all technical, 52 Wednesdays ago as of this coming one) and to celebrate it, we’ve got a really cool competition going over the next few days.

giveaway poster 2

Between today (October 5) and this coming Wednesday (October 7), we’ve got three bundles of games to give away on PC. Last week, we had a Tango Fiesta giveaway, but we’re not done giving away copies of that. We also have Starbound from Chucklefish, who’ve now had on two lovely people on the show in Molly Carroll and Harriet Jones (who you’ll hear in two weeks), and Volume from ‘The Bithmeister General’ as one guest from Season 2 who shall go nameless referred Mike Bithell as.

We’re have three separate bundles to give away over the next three days on Twitter, Facebook and here on the site. The first one today as of this post going up is on Twitter. So what do you have to do to win? Simple: just follow @MFGPodcast and answer the hardest (read: easiest) question ever.

What is your favourite game? Oh, you want me to do it like in the show? Fine. [INSERT NAME HERE], what is your favourite game?

Tell us what your favourite game (bonus points if you say at the start ‘My Favourite Game is…’) is and why it’s your favourite game. We’ll pick a lucky winner at random tonight. And for the Twitter giveaway, please try and keep it to no more than three tweets.

Good luck!


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