Season 3 Premiere – The Sims 2, by Jordan Erica Webber

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Hello. Do not adjust your sets. My Favourite Game is back at last. Hooray! And it’s our first birthday! Double hooray!

It’ll be a year tomorrow (technically, 52 Wednesdays ago, but whatevs) when My Favourite Game first began with The Curse of Monkey Island. A year later, My Favourite Game has gone from a pet project to become a big part of my work. As already written about, we’re also up for the Best Independent Podcast at the Games Media Awards next week. Fingers crossed, eh. But we’re not here to talk about that. We’re back and back in a big way with Season 3. But before that, I just want to say thanks to everyone who’s listened to the show, who’s come on to the show and said all the kind things about the show in the past year. Thanks for your awesome support, it really means a lot.

Anyway, we return with a game – or rather, a series – that I felt I’d be out of my depth trying to talk about. Certainly when I’ve not had a great deal of experience in said series since The Sims 3 on Xbox 360, and even then, that was an hour or two (though I did play a ton of The Sims on PS2 in my youth). Thankfully, when you have an expert on The Sims like freelance writer Jordan Erica Webber, who is easily the most qualified person in the world to talk about The Sims than you or I (like so and like so), you’ll be fine. Because gosh golly, she sure knows a lot about The Sims.

I had to force her to pick a particular game in the series, so she picked The Sims 2. But it’s worth bearing in mind that most of what we talk about regarding The Sims 2 can be applied to the rest of the series as well.

In the Season Premiere of Season 3, Jordan also talks of her start playing games, how Spore reminds her of Gran Turismo (seriously) and how she ended up missing an entire console generation before one game (hint: it’s a game we’re actually gonna have as an episode on later in the series – here’s an additional clue) brought her back in. Oh, and how she more or less invented The Sims before Will Wright did. I still maintain she should have sued for all the money in the world for it.

You can listen to the first episode of My Favourite Game’s third season below.

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