Blog: The future of My Favourite Game

Hopes and aspirations for the show after a few days in London.


A few weeks ago, My Favourite Game was up for a Games Media Award as Best Podcast (Independent). We didn’t win, but at least it gave me an excuse to go to London (and to a lesser extent, Brighton) for a few days.

To be quite honest, the trip was maybe what not only I needed, but also the show too. See, I have a kind of confession to make.

I’ve been thinking of how to do My Favourite Game post-Season 3 before the GMAs. Not so much if they’re would or wouldn’t be more MFG – there would be – but rather take a year out after Season 3 ended and come back with Season 4 next year with three special episodes planned in the interval.

Because truth be told, jumping into Season 2 a few weeks after Season 1 ended post-Christmas super burnt me out and announcing Season 3 ahead of time whilst in the middle of Season 2 was a huge mistake on my part, just adding to it. If anything, it should have been announced at the end of the season.

So I looked at possibly taking a longer break from the show after Season 3 for, well, various reasons. Some of which I won’t go into due to personal reasons. But one reason was the fear of suffering the burnout I had after Season 2.

But after speaking about the show to other folks and how much they loved it, I am gonna keep going with it. No year-long break. No nothing. Full steam ahead. So although I’m not necessarily saying the words Season 4 and 5 today, it doesn’t take much of a stretch to imagine it’ll be heading that way next year.


Even now as we approach the middle of Season 3, I already have a fair idea of who I want on next year, or at least for the early part of next year. Once Season 3 is done and I’ve taken a break (a longer one post-Christmas than the one had between Seasons 1 and 2, for sure), I’ll be jumping into it. But to be quite honest, as well as me going to them, I’m also interested in people coming to me about coming on the show.

I had a few people come to me in London and ask if they could come on, people I’ve had on a list to come on at some point. And even then, I’ve been thinking of doing this for a bit. So I’m going to open the floor, so to speak. Essentially, pitch me. I’m not going to start collecting pitches until next year, but I’m definitely going to start encouraging pitches for you to come on the show. I’ll be announcing how the specifics of the pitching criteria will go about next year, so keep an eye out.

There are certain games I’d also love to see on the show at somepoint. I’m quite frankly surprised no-one’s done Mass Effect (especially 2 – the amount of times its been mentioned and talked about as an honourable mention this season is unbelievable), a Souls game or Kingdom Hearts yet. So I’d love to see them talked at length.

From a very personal perspective, I’d love to also see someone talk of a Grand Theft Auto game circa-2001, Silent Hill 3, Journey or any of the BioShock games, to name but a few. So if those are games you’d like to come on and talk about as your favourite game (and I stress, your absolute favourite, you’re not coming on to talk of them just because I’m asking for them), even better.


I am happy to have feedback on the show as well as what you’ve just read here. I’m all ears – Twitters are @MFGPodcast or me personally @JohnnyCullen. I’ve still yet to set up a dedicated email as yet for this, so I should get on that. But yes, go nuts (please not in the angry sense) for now on Twitter.

As for Season 3, I keep saying this, but the best is yet to come. And that’s not a Metal Gear hint of sorts, by the way, the best is genuinely yet to come. We’ve got some great episodes coming up before our two week break is enforced next week. And I personally believe we’ve got the best batch of five episodes so far, back-to-back, for the tail end of the season.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the season.