Persona 3, by Sarah Wellock

“No one can escape time. It delivers us all to the same end.”

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At last, someone talks Persona! Been waiting for someone to come on to talk of the series and I’m super happy we have Persona 3 as one of the main games for the sea—hey, wait, come back!

I know it isn’t Persona 4 (and Persona 4 is amazing – in fact, we were super close to getting a Persona 4 episode this season, without saying much more), but Persona 3 is just as equally great in its own unique way.

So let Bethesda UK Community Manager Sarah Wellock be the advocate of Atlus’ 2006 PS2 gem, the calm before the storm that was Persona 4, and also tell why games meant so much to her growing up and why she related to P3 in the struggles of belonging somewhere.

Oh and there’s Persona 5 stuff too. Because of course there has to be P5 stuff.

You can listen to it below.

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