X-COM: Enemy Unknown, by Jake Tucker

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In 2012, Firaxis brought a whole new generation of players to the XCOM series, bringing out its on take on the series with Enemy Unknown. Certainly for me, it was the first strategy game I’d spent a great significant amount of time on and it paid off.

It’s clear that the game’s inspirations from the original more than helped the game than hindered it whilst adding something new to the series. That can be attributed, in part at least, to project lead Jake Solomon and the love he has for the original game as his favourite game (hey Jake, if by some chance you’re reading this and you want to come on to talk the original late next year – Twitter is @JohnnyCullen *wink wink*).

But it’s another Jake who also has a big love for the game for which he ascertains as his favourite game, Videobrains’ Jake Tucker. Tonight’s My Favourite Game sees Jake (Tucker, not Solomon) delve into the systems of X-COM: Enemy Unknown (the 1993 one led by Julian Gollop) and why he has such a like for strategic games – not just necessarily strategy games as a whole.

You can listen to it via audio or YouTube below.

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By the way, I mention in the episode an interview between Solomon and Gollop that is absolutely worth checking out. I’ve embedded it below for you to watch. It’s worth watching, just for the mutual admiration and respect between the two as well as delve into what makes the two games tick.

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