Interview: Tom Francis on Heat Signature

In space, no one can hear you sneak.

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So tomorrow’s episode of My Favourite Game sees Gunpoint and Heat Signature bod Tom Francis come on to talk all things turkey on Deus Ex. That’ll be live at 6pm tomorrow.

I talked to Tom on Heat Signature as part of his episode, but because of the need to keep episodes under an hour-and-a-half (or in that ballpark anyways), I had to take it out of the full episode. Luckily, you can listen to it in its entirety below.

You can hear Tom talk of the inspirations for Heat Signature (spoiler: Deus Ex was among them), the implementation of procedural generation for the game after a reluctance previously to put them into Gunpoint and more.

It’s seventeen minutes in length, so settle in. Listen below via audio or YouTube.

And again, you can listen to Tom Francis talk of Deus Ex as his favourite game on here and on iTunes tomorrow for 6pm.

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