Deus Ex, by Tom Francis

“Jesus Christ, JC!”

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If there was a game that let players come up with and combine different kinds of playstyles, it was Deus Ex. At least certain, the Ion Storm-made stealth title was the first well-known game – at least from my era of games – that let players mix and match on the fly.

Tom Francis, former PC Gamer writer and now indie game dev who’s made Gunpoint and the upcoming Heat Signature, is a massive fan of these systems and also likes to break them down to a T. Donlan wasn’t kidding last season, put it like that.

Tonight’s MFG sees Tom go into detail about those systems as well as the other aspects of what made the game tick for him, why the demo for Deus Ex: Invisible War got him the gig at PC Gamer and more.

You can listen to it below.

[Note: typically, if it’s a dev-led episode, we have them come on to talk of their wares if they’ve just put out a game or about to put out a new one – in this instance, Tom’s new game Heat Signature. Due to time, however, it wasn’t included in the episode. You can listen to Tom talk of Heat Signature elsewhere on the site here]

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