Final Fantasy VII, by Daniel Seto

“As long as I’m with you. As long as you’re by my side. I won’t give up, even if I’m scared.”

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For the first time in the show’s history, we have a returning game.

To give context, I don’t allow a game to be on consecutive seasons as I like to give it a bit of breathing room and time before it’s talked about again.

So we have one of the best games ever made up on My Favourite Game again. If you want to listen to it first time, here’s Lydia Ellery’s take from Season 1 a year ago.

But not only that, this is, I feel, one of the most personal episodes of My Favourite Game ever, if not the most personal. And absolutely one of the best episodes ever, purely because it tells a wonderful story of how games can resonate with someone in the biggest possible way.

For Square Enix Europe’s Daniel Seto, who looks after the Japan side of things, Final Fantasy VII was the game that made him the person he is today, personally and professionally. And I can absolutely vouch for what he’s saying, not just in his passion for FFVII as this was evident – not only in recording his episode, but a few weeks later when catching up in London – but also how one game can potentially change your life. And that, for me, was MGS3. But I digress.

I’m not going to say anymore. I’m not even going to tease more of the episode and all that. Just listen to it below and enjoy Dan talk in quite detail why Final Fantasy VII means so much to him. It’s just genuinely wonderful passion and enthusiasm to listen to.

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