Season 3 Finale (Part One) – Katamari Damacy, by Robin Hunicke

“Ah, hello, Prince. This is the King. Long time no see. We thought today would be a good day for rolling.”

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Katamari Damacy never received a release in Europe unlike in the US or Japan in 2004. The first time Europeans would get a taste of rolling stuff up in the silliest possible way would be We Love Katamari in 2006, the second game in the series and the last to feature creator Keita Takahashi.

Now, Europe has a lot more Katamari in its life, but it’s still missing that first piece. Luckily, we can have Robin Hunicke – CEO of Funomena (currently working on PS4 title Wattam) and previously producer on Journey (one of my top three games ever) – talk at length of the game as her favourite game.

Also discussed in tonight’s episode, the game’s¬†legacy, how her fangirl nature for the series – and trust me when I say this, she comes across in this episode as a super super nerdy fangirl for the series (and I say that as the best possible and sweetest compliment) – is dealt by her now co-worker Takahashi, why the game is a metaphor for being small but getting bigger and why games should be just more than just revenge and competition.

I should disclose upfront that with Robin’s involvement on Journey, this was the first opportunity I had to talk with someone who worked on one of my favourite games on the show. It was super fun to talk Journey stuff with her and it was more or less the main crux as to why I wanted her on, but even without the Journey stuff, I’d still say this is one of the best episodes of My Favourite Game ever and easily the most fun I’ve had recording any episode of the show in its short history.

(Ed Note: Apologies for the day-late delay in getting this out, a variety of technical reasons this past week – not just with what was being used to produce the episode but also full on electrical outages – hindered it to the point there are actual corrupted parts in the original recording which made my life a living hell when producing this episode and trying to take them out *sad face* So if the episode sounds slightly off at times, much as I’ve tried to make sure they’re impossible to spot the corrupted parts taken out, those are why. It also gobbled up one of Robin’s honourable mentions, which – listening back to from the little saved from that bit – seems to be Metal Gear Solid. So add that to her honorable mentions list as well!)

(Ed note 2 – July 4, 2016: An extended edition has now been added featuring the full Journey segment taken from the Best of Season 3 special)

You can listen to the first part of the Season 3 finale of My Favourite Game below.

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