Season 3 Finale (Part Two) – A Mind Forever Voyaging, by Sam Barlow

“Voyaging through strange seas of thought, alone.”

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In January 1985, the incumbent Ronald Regan would take the oath and be sworn in for a second – and final – time as President of the United States of America after defeating his Democratic opponent Walter Mondale with just shy of 59 percent of the vote two months earlier at the election.

Later in the year, Steve Meretzky of Infocom would see the release of a game he helped build that was beyond any other game he had done before at the company, including A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. A Mind Forever Voyaging would see Meretzky embrace more of a political nature with the game as a criticism towards Regan’s presidency.

For the final episode of My Favourite Game’s third season, the second part of our season finale, Her Story creator Sam Barlow goes into detail as to why A Mind Forever Voyaging is his favourite game, as well as talk of the influence of the interactive fiction genre then in 1985 and now in 2015 with the likes of Her Story, Life is Strange and Until Dawn, among others.

Of course, Her Story and its successes are also discussed at length here too in what is a mammoth two-hour episode, the longest for any episode of My Favourite Game so far outside of the Best of season specials.

You can listen to the final episode of My Favourite Game Season 3 below.

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