The Quiet Explosion – Season 4 delayed, Season 5 now coming in 2017

We’ve been quiet. But things are happening.

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It’s been a few months since we last spoke on My Favourite Game. It’s all been quiet. Too quiet, perhaps. I feel its now come to a point where I need to tell you what’s going on with the show (don’t worry, nothing bad(ish)).

When I plan out a season of My Favourite Game, I plan it out roughly three or four months in advance with the list of guests I’d like to have on each season and when I’d like to have the season begin. Season 1, by the time it started in October 2014, had eight episodes recorded. For Season 2, I was more-or-less hellbent on making sure it hit a specific date: March 4, 2015 – the tenth anniversary of Metal Gear Solid 3’s release in Europe. But by that stage, only eight episodes were recorded. One was closing it push to the edge (four days before it came out) and one that was intitally due to be a live episode (it ended up being a recorded ep instead).

For Season 3, all was done by the time not only the season went out, but also when the lineup for the season was announced. I’d also teased all the seasons in numerous ways, even back to Season 1 when it was merely ‘the Secret Project’ and when it all started out with the first email in July 2014. With Season 3, the teasing was heavy.

Instead, this time I’ve wanted to keep quiet and keep low – no teasing (at least, not on the level of Season 3 anyway), no announcements, no nothing until it was nearly time to go. The only subsequent announcements would be that, 1) there’d be a new season and 2) it’d be coming in Early 2016.

But in the case of the latter, that’s now looking like it won’t be the case. Because, besides numerous things, I’ve decided to hold back this time on getting the best guest lineup and having all ten episodes ready to go before the season was passed. But at the same time, not a word has been mentioned of it in quite some time on our Twitter or Facebook since My Favourite Game (of 2015). I’ve been giving away breadcrumb shaped teases on my personal Twitter, but nothing else bigger.

Here’s the deal: I’m not announcing a specific air date for the season until I am ready. I’m not announcing the guest lineup until I feel the entire season is in a place that it can go out on a moment’s notice if need be. And no, I won’t start teasing it from here on out the same way I did with Season 3. To be honest, being quiet means a lot less stress for me, so it’s time to go back to radio silence again until we’re ready to go. Basically, to give the old Blizzard creedo, it’ll come out when it’s good and ready.

But yes, Season 4 is still coming. I’m honest to God putting everything into it to make sure this is going to be the best season ever. It’ll be coming a bit later than I had hoped for, but it is still coming. And it’ll be good. Very good.

Season 4 is now being aimed for a bit later in the year besides “Early 2016” like I had promised originally. Maybe this is its way for biting back at me. I originally said that Season 2 was coming Summer 2015. Instead, it came into being earlier than planned in the Spring. Either way, it’s still being aimed for before E3.

Anyway, because of the knock on effect of Season 4’s delay, Season 5 – which was announced alongside Season 4 last year and was aimed for a late 2016 drop – will now come in 2017.

But that being said, and without making a full commitment to anything right now, there is a aim to have some episodes out for the end of the year. Not a full season, but a few episodes at least. In what form those episodes will take is yet to be determined, if I decide to go ahead and pull the trigger on them.

I take a lot of pride in working on My Favourite Game. It really does take a lot of effort to do this, even for a podcast that isn’t on a week-by-week rolling basis like most podcasts in the games industry. But at the same time, I absolutely want to get this done right. And if that means delaying it until it is done right, again, so be it.

Apologies to anyone who’s podcast habits have been hampered with. But sit tight and stay tuned. Season 4 is coming and it will be absolutely great.


Johnny Cullen,
Host/Producer, My Favourite Game