Blog: Here we go…

It’s time.

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When I put together the guest list for a season of My Favourite Game, I try and put together a list of people who I think would tell interesting stories of why they love games and why they love a particular game enough to call it their favourite game. Whether it be for just how incredible the game is for the sum of its parts – story, gameplay, etc – or how it resonates with them on such a personal, impactful level. You just have to listen to some episodes we’ve done in the past which perfectly demonstrate why My Favourite Game is what it is. I’m very much a sucker for stories involving the latter.

I’m very lucky that in getting guests nailed down for My Favourite Game, they’re people whose work I like and respect in whatever form, be it games journalism, games development or more. I’m also a sap for people’s passion and enthusiasm and how much they care for games. I feel very lucky that in the thirty-coming-forty odd episodes of doing this for nearly two years, I’ve encountered a broad spectrum of funny, enthusiastic, passionate and smart people who do incredible stuff. If you do incredible things in games and I think you’ve got some interesting tales of how you grew up playing games and of your favourite game, chances are I’m going to be coming your way for an episode of My Favourite Game.

And if you’ve already been tapped up for an episode in the past year-and-a-half or so, thank you for not only taking time out to do this, but also for making rad stuff I and other people enjoy.

On a personal note, I’m also very lucky in that as well as developers on games I straight up enjoyed or even loved, I’ve had the chance to talk of one of my favourite games ever as a main focal point of a My Favourite Game episode – originally my own favourite game – as well as have developers on the show who have personally been involved with my two of my top three favourite games: Funomena boss and ex-Thatgamecompany vet Robin Hunicke being one of them – you can listen to me and Robin talk of Journey here – while there are two upcoming guests on Season 4 who will have worked on two of my top three favourite games ever. I won’t take that for granted.

With that said, watch the video below. It’s time to blow the cobwebs off as we’ve been gone for a very long time.

Lineup announcement drops this coming Monday afternoon UK time, May 23.

It really is going to be good to be back. I think there’ll be an amazing lineup of guests waiting for you when the lineup is announced on Monday and when we’re back properly next Wednesday. And some fantastic games too as the season goes on.

I think it’s going to be great. I hope you do too.

Johnny Cullen,
Host/Producer, My Favourite Game