Here is your lineup for My Favourite Game – Season 4

My Favourite Game is…


Here we go again. After spending quite some time underground (nearly six months!), we’re ready to go loud. Here is the lineup for what is, in my opinion, the best season of My Favourite Game ever. And I know I say that every season since we started, but this is genuinely, I feel, the best lineup that has been put together in the year-and-a-half we’ve been doing this.

You know the drill by now: ten games industry peeps talk of their favourite games, how much it resonates with them and why and their love of games as a whole.

Season 4 kicks off on Wednesday, May 25 (yes, that’s this coming Wednesday) with ex-designer at Obsidian Entertainment-turned-freelancer Chris Avellone on Wasteland.

There’s some more fantastic names to come too throughout the season:, Question Games’ Jordan Thomas, Google’s Kellee Santiago, Naughty Dog’s Alex Neonakis and The Chinese Room’s Dan Pinchbeck, to name a few.

The season finale, however, will have a very different take than past episodes of My Favourite Game. The final two episodes of Season 4 will comprise of a two-part finale based on the same guest and the same game for the first time ever. The Creative Assembly’s Catherine Woolley will round off Season 4 on August 3 and August 10.

Housekeeping note: we’re skipping a week following episode three with David Goldfarb of The Outsiders on June 8 due to E3 the following week. We’ll be back on June 22 with Google’s Kellee Santiago.

If you’re an MFG regular, you may also know, besides the above, we don’t usually announce the games lineup this far out as we don’t usually announce each guest’s game until the week before their episode (Chris’s episode is two days out) but here’s a clue for you – the release year of each game covered in Season 4:

1988 (Wasteland)|2003|2000|2005|1986|2010|2007|2015|2014 (/1974)|2000.

That’s in episodic order, by the way.

Anyway. Here’s the full lineup and air dates for Season 4 of My Favourite Game.

Wednesday, May 25 [Season Premiere]
Wasteland, by Chris Avellone (Ex-Obsidian Entertainment/Ex-Black Isle)

Wednesday, June 1
Final Fantasy X-2, by Nina Freeman (Fullbright Company/Indie dev – Cible)

Wednesday, June 8
Diablo II, by David Goldfarb (The Outsiders)

Wednesday, June 22
Fahrenheit, by Kellee Santiago (Google)

Wednesday, June 29
World Games, by Dan Teasdale (No Goblin)

Wednesday, July 6
Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, by Alexa Ray Corriea (GameSpot)

Wednesday, July 13
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, by Dan Pinchbeck (The Chinese Room)

Wednesday, July 20
Bloodborne, by Alex Neonakis (Naughty Dog)

Wednesday, July 27
Fantasy Grounds, by Jordan Thomas (Question Games)

Wednesday, August 3 [Season Finale – Part One]
Shenmue, by Catherine Woolley (The Creative Assembly)

Wednesday, August 10 [Season Finale – Part Two]
Shenmue, by Catherine Woolley (The Creative Assembly)