Final Fantasy X-2, by Nina Freeman

“Here comes the real Yuna!”


Contrary to what I say in tonight’s episode of My Favourite Game, this is not the first time in two years we’ve had a Final Fantasy on. What I meant to say was it’s the first time in two years we have a different Final Fantasy game on that isn’t VII (by the way, don’t expect any more VII episodes anytime soon – that’s a game that’ll be on a long-ass break until I deem enough time has passed to have it be on the show again).

Tonight, Nina Freeman of The Fullbright Company and developer of Cibele talks of Final Fantasy X-2 as her favourite game. In it, she discusses how she came into the game from X; the design influences that inspired her from the game; the core Charlies Angels-like chemistry of the group of Yuna, Rikku and Paine; the game’s tone and not so serious aspect (well, sometimes anyways) and a lot more.

Of course, there’s also a post-release chat on Cibele and whether there’s such a thing as a too personal story in games.

You can listen below.

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