Diablo II, by David Goldfarb

“It takes time to master your skills… and use will hone your technique. But take care to choose your new skills wisely.”

diablo ii

Its taken long enough, but at last, a Blizzard game is the main subject matter of an episode of My Favourite Game.

And if this – and further mentions to come in an episode later in the season – is any indicator, considering the amount of polish and magic in their games (a subject discussed tonight), it won’t be the last.

My Favourite Game tonight goes to Hell and talks of Diablo II with David Goldfarb, formerly of DICE & Overkill and now co-founder of The Outsiders, to talk up the amazing amount of design influence the game had on him among others (including baseball), what makes Blizzard’s games tick and why they’re just so fucking good (of note: go play Overwatch) and more.

You can find this week’s episode, our last for a few weeks, below.

(Note: Apologies for any significant quality drops in this episode – blame Swedish internet connections for that one. We’ve tried fixing it as much as possible for this episode)

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