Fahrenheit, by Kellee Santiago

“My name is Lucas Kane. My story is the one where an ordinary guy has something extraordinary happen to him.”


Hello. Enjoy E3? Good. Lets resume where we left off.

In 2005, Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy in the US due to a title conflict with Michael Moore September 11th documentary Fahrenheit 9/11) made landfall on PlayStation 2 and Xbox – the game would eventually come to PC in 2014 (Ed note: and just announced last week at E3 to be coming to PlayStation 4 in mid-July by Quantic Dream). It was… an interesting concept. Man murders innocent civilian in a New York diner bathroom under the control of a cult and now you have to clear your name. Oh and also save the world.

Did I mention there was an entity of AIs involved that could determine the outcome of the game, depending on your choices throughout the game. Clearly the developer of this game had something up its sleeve with this game, whether you liked it or not. You can’t say it wasn’t unique anyway.

Tonight’s My Favourite Game sees Thatgamecompany co-founder Kellee Santiago, now VR games producer at Google, talk of the game that, if Omnikron hadn’t already done so, introduced Quantic Dream and David Cage to a bigger audience. There’s also talk of choice-driven gameplay and – because I’m that guy – I also gush on about Journey as one of my top three favourite games to Kellee as I did to Robin Hunicke last year (I’m so sorry for being a gushing fanboy idiot these past two seasons).

Listen to it below.

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Of note, here’s a video from a month ago at Google I/O 2016, in which Kellee, along with Robin Hunicke, discuss their ongoing work with Project Tango.

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