Interview: Dan Teasdale on PlayStation VR and virtual reality as a whole

VR, man.

100 ft robot golf vr dog

Relatively short post to set this up as my computer is on the fritz right now (don’t worry, god willing, this won’t affect the output of episodes for the rest of the season).

Here’s a good chunky seven minutes worth of No Goblin’s Dan Teasdale talking PlayStation VR and VR as a whole. The studio is currently working on 100 Ft Robot Golf for PlayStation 4 with support for PlayStation VR. This won’t be in the episode going out tomorrow, but I did want to post this separately at least.

You can listen to it below. There’ll be a bit of 100 Ft Robot Golf talk on tomorrow’s episode, including the question on whether you can actually perhaps get a small-sized dog to wear a PSVR headset (as shown above from the game’s reveal trailer at PlayStation Experience last year). Yeah

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