World Games, by Dan Teasdale

Barrel jumping for Olympic eSports.

world games

My Favourite Game tonight takes a look at a game from 1986 released across numerous platforms since that is, well, a bit off for a collection of sports games. Epix’s World Games follows in the same vein of Summer and Winter Games, essentially a collection of sports games that isn’t a branded Olympics game. But the difference here is that, with the exception of one or two sports, the collection of games in World Games are a bit unusual.

There’s cliff diving, log rolling, sumo wrestling and even barrel jumping too. It’s the latter that has No Goblin co-founder Dan Teasdale clamoring to be an Olympic eSport to represent his homeland of Australia at. It’s doubtful it’ll ever happen. But hey, give the IOC enough money, you can make anything an event at the Olympics

Also: Dan talks of the simple pick-up-and-play concept of World Games, a realisation upon which GTA PS2 game ranks highly for him and how a near-death experience was his introduction to games. Seriously.

Oh, and also this.


Of coruse we talked 100 ft Robot Golf. Featuring the hard-hitting questions in that segment, such as can I play it now, can I play it right now and how much Zone of the Enders influence there is (short answers: no, no, some).

On that note, considering the question on whether a small-sized dog the same size of a corgi could possibly wear a VR headset is brought up, here is an artist’s representation of a small-sized dog – a west highland terrier – wearing a PlayStation VR headset.

dog psvr

He wears it well.

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