It’s about time: We’re finally on Soundcloud (like, fully)

Took long enough.


You may remember last year during Season 2 we put out a sort of trial run with Soundcloud. We put up a full episode – episode six of Season 2 with Chucklefish’s Molly Carroll on The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – but beyond episode previews since, we’ve not upped anymore full episodes. Primarily because there’s only so much you can upload there and for it to be unlimited, you had to pay ¬£80 a year for it. Not exactly money had at the time (remember, personally, I’m doing this show 100 percent out of my own pocket and time).

That’s changed as of today. It’s taken long enough, but we now have all the episodes of My Favourite Game that have gone out thus far to date out on Soundcloud. All of Seasons 1, 2, 3 and the first-half of Season 4 are now on there plus our Best of Season specials which have unheard stuff from their respective seasons, a Metal Gear special we did last year to celebrate the release of MGSV: The Phantom Pain and My Favourite Game (of 2015) – by the way, the latter I had intended to do as a one-off, but considering how great this year has been for games so far, I’m looking at bringing it back for the end of the year and possibly having it as a year-end regular feature.

Anyways, if you go back through the posts of each respective episode on here, you can now find a Soundcloud version of each episode. In addition, because you’re awesome, there’s now also¬†an extended version of the first part of the Season 3 finale – quite honestly, my favourite episode ever doing My Favourite Game – with Robin Hunicke on Katamari Damacy from last year. There’s an extra ten or so minutes in there so go check it out here.

There’ll be more to come, but for now, stay tuned as Season 4 starts to come towards its end with the second half beginning this Wednesday with GameSpot’s Alexa Ray Corriea on Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, itself a really rad episode. That’ll be live at 6pm BST/10am PST on Wednesday.