Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, by Alexa Ray Corriea

“The three of us will always be one.”

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Ask and we shall receive, apparently.

It’s time to delve into a Kingdom Hearts game that, alongside 3DS game Dream Drop Distance (coming to PlayStation 4 sometime with the release of Kingdom Hearts 2.8), laid the path for one of the most anticipated games in recent times: Kingdom Hearts III.

Tonight’s My Favourite Game sees GameSpot editor Alexa Ray Corriea sits down to talk of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep as her favourite game.

Also discussed are the series’ ridiculous naming conventions (holy shit, it’s bad), the convoluted timeline of the series to date and how the series brought Alexa’s family together.

It’s on that last bit that Alexa wrote about this whilst at Polygon and is actually one of my favourite pieces of games writing ever – to be frankly honest, and I say this in the episode too, it’s the main reason why I asked her to come on. It’s such wonderful writing and I love it as a sucker of personal writing in games. So go read it whilst listening to this.

There is one Kingdom Hearts game she won’t touch ever again, though, citing it as “garbage” and “trash”.

You can find out what that is by listening below.

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(Note: It was just recently announced Alexa is currently writing a book on Kingdom Hearts II, due for release later this year. You can find more details here)

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