Bloodborne, by Alex Neonakis

“A night of curses. A night to remember.”


Finally! A Souls game. Or a Souls-like game, but hey, when it’s From Software, it’s all good.

Anyway, Bloodborne. What can you say of it that hasn’t been said already? An evolution of what makes Dark Souls so great. Faster gameplay, excellent design – both from a gameplay and art perspective – and a lot more. It’s also just as difficult as an actual Souls game and more frightening considering its horror tense.

Ahead of this episode, I went back and started playing more of Bloodborne, having originally been put off playing more of it because of dying over and over, admittedly a creedo of the series, and still being in the same Central Yarnham part of the start of the game (that’s the main thing that put me off). It wasn’t until playing the game more and more that everything slowly started clicking. It’s all about grind.

Tonight, My Favourite Game sees Naughty Dog UI artist and designer Alex Neonakis talk of Bloodborne as her favourite game as we touch upon the serious learning curve of the game – and it is a serious one – as well as dream games using the Souls-like formula, such as Ni no Kuni (damn it, Alex) or Harry Potter (damn it… me) and how the game is all about giving life lessons along the way. For real.

You can listen to it below.

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Also mentioned is whether the Souls games or Bloodborne should have an easy mode for players who want to explore more of the worlds and lore of the game, but are put off by the game’s notorious difficulty. To that end, and also mentioned in the episode, I’ve put below Mark Brown’s excellent video from his series Game Maker’s Toolkit on whether there should be an easy mode.

Now, this is primarily for Dark Souls, but considering Bloodborne shares the same ethos as the Dark Souls games, this is just as eligible. Anyways, check it out below. It’s a great video.

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