Fantasy Grounds, by Jordan Thomas

But there’s a twist.


When asking BioShock 2 creative director and now Question Games co-founder Jordan Thomas to come onto the show, someone who I’d been dying to have on for a while, there was a lot of back and forth over what his favourite game was. In the end, he settled on tabletop software Fantasy Grounds.

But on top of that, there was having to pick his favourite tabletop game as Fantasy Grounds is, as mentioned, tabletop software. So for that, he picked the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

So tonight’s My Favourite Game is really about two games. But the episode is mainly about Fantasy Grounds – mainly because I hadn’t prepared D&D questions – and how it provides relative ease for those wanting to play pen-and-paper RPGs online as well as those who’ve not played a tabletop RPG ever – like yours truly – and whether you can get the same immersion playing a D&D game on Fantasy Grounds than you would playing a game in a physical space in real life.

On top of that, we talk Question’s first game as a studio The Magic Circle, ball punching dragons and how a guest from Season 3 may have a sex doll shaped upon JC Denton from Deus Ex (clue: here’s the guest’s episode).

Listen to this week’s episode below.

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And here’s Jordan’s YouTube series on his permadeath D&D run, as mentioned in the episode, with folks from around the industry, including Anthony and Ashly Burch, The Fullbright Company’s Karla Zimonja and Unity’s Will Armstrong.

There’s ten parts so far that all run around the region of an hour to two hours each episode. Might want to put some time aside for them if you’re going to watch them.

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