Season 4 Finale – Shenmue, by Catherine Woolley (Part Two)

“I’m looking for a Chinese man who calls himself Lan Di.”

shenmue 2

The end is here.

The season finale of Season 4 of My Favourite Game, the second part of our two-part ender, wraps up the season with Creative Assembly’s Catherine Woolley continue to talk of Shenmue as her favourite game (I was not kidding last week when I said it was a three-hour romp).

The final episode of Season 4 delves into the legacy of the game, how Shenmue II could actually be argued as her own favourite game (and how she rates each region specific version of the game she has as a top three list in terms of favourite Shenmue games – seriously), a lengthy honourable mentions section and that million dollar subject which when first talked about was a mere pipedream but now exists as a thing: an actual, real Shenmue III.

By the way, as you may have spotted from listening to last week’s episode (and something you’ll again notice this week), me and Catherine had our webcams on throughout – we usually only record audio only, no cams – and doing so allowed to take a few photos of some of Catherine’s Shenmue collection. It’s maddening and slightly obsessive at times. You can find a gallery below.

Listen to the final episode of Season 4 of My Favourite Game below.

And thanks again for listening to My Favourite Game. Until sometime soon. Very soon.

(Since this episode was recorded, Catherine has since left Creative Assembly for The Chinese Room)

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