The Last of Us, by Johnny Cullen

“After everything we’ve been through… everything I’ve done… it can’t be for nothing.”



It’s been a bit too long since we put together an episode of My Favourite Game. Right now, plans are currently in motion for Season 5 – we already have one episode down – but considering when Season 5 is currently planned to launch (sorry, you’re not finding that out today besides ‘early 2017’), I wanted to give you one or two episodes for the end of the year to help tide you over considering the long gap of silence between the end of Season 4 and when Season 5 will start.

Next week, we’re bringing back what was meant to be a one-off special last year. But considering the amount of fun had in putting that together, we’re now going to make it a regular thing. So next week, My Favourite Game (of 2016) will be a thing. You can listen to that all over the shop next coming Wednesday, December 28 from 9pm GMT/4pm US EST/1pm US PST.

But before that, I’ve put together a normal, bog standard episode of the show to help give you your fix of the show.

Who’s the guest? Umm… me. I figured I may as well get it out of the way now and especially have it done in a time where it’s not done in any season, so my episode is now out there for all to listen to as I talk at length about The Last of Us as my favourite game.

“But Johnny,” you are not crying at the screen but for the sake of this, I’m just going to pretend you are anyways, “you can’t possibly present your own episode, so who’s going to sit in the chair for you anyways?”

Dear listener, that is a very good question. I’ve enlisted the services of Season 4 finale guest Catherine Woolley of The Chinese Room (she was with Creative Assembly when her two-parter was recorded, but has now joined The Chinese Room) to be in my proverbial presenting chair as I talk of Naughty Dog’s magnum opus! Not only is she one of the most enthusiastic and more detailed people to come on the show, but she also has previous-podcast experience, so I figure having her in the chair will be a good thing.

Come listen to us talk of TLOU – including why Winter is the best bit in the game, why you shouldn’t exactly take Naughty Dog at face value in regards to stuff they say sometimes, why it has some of the best queer representation in a game ever and talk of Left Behind as one of the best DLCs of all time, but not Gustavo Santoialla’s amazing soundtrack (because I genuinely forgot, proper oops) – as well as the recently-announced Last of Us: Part II and a ton more over the course of two hours. You can listen below.

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My Favourite Game (of 2016)

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