My Favourite Game (of 2016)

Time to punt 2016 into the ocean where it belongs.


So here we are, then, at the end of what has been a horrible year. And its been incredibly horrible, to give the understatement of the century. 2016 is a year where we’ve lost actual heroes (I’m writing this a day after Carrie Fisher passed away) and where the world is in an iron grip of fear, anger, hate and more.

The only thing 2016 has excelled at, however, is gaming and the varied output we’ve gotten this year as a result. Gaming can provide an amazing outlet of escapism, an outlet that is needed now more than ever.

For our second and final Christmas 2016 special, My Favourite Game takes a look back at some of the best games of the year through the eyes of guests acrosss Seasons 1-4 of the show. And here’s a twist for you: we have a contribution from a guest who’s part of Season 5 as well. We’ll have more on that in the New Year.

And as well as all those, I had to make a epilogue on 2016 as a whole and how, tying back to what I said above, gaming as an escapism outlet is needed more than ever. I mention too in it how Pokemon Go has helped people, especially those with mental health problems – something I touch upon at the end – and it made me think of an amazing video from GameSpot’s Jess McDonnell on how it helped with her mental health. I’ve posted that below too.

With that, here’s your games and guest lineup for My Favourite Game (of 2016).

titanfall-2Titanfall 2

Andrew Smith (The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – Episode Two, Season 2)
Dan Pearce (Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil – Episode Two, Season 3)


Kaitlin Tremblay (Shining Force – Episode Four, Season 2)

dishonored-2Dishonored 2

Tom Francis (Deus Ex – Episode Seven, Season 3)
Ed Stern (Half-Life – Episode Seven, Season 2)
Chris Avellone (Wasteland – Episode One, Season 4)

budget-cutsBudget Cuts

Christian Donlan (Robotron 2084 – Episode Nine, Season 2)


Catherine Woolley (Shenmue – Episodes Ten & Eleven, Season 4)
Matthew Reynolds (Shenmue – Episode Five, Season 2)

ds3Dark Souls III

Tom Bramwell (Quake – Episode Ten, Season 1)


Dan Teasdale (World Games – Episode Five, Season 4)
Alex Donaldson (Final Fantasy IX – Episode Seven, Season 1)

darkest-dungeonDarkest Dungeon

Jordan Thomas (Fantasy Grounds – Episode Nine, Season 4)

the-last-guardianThe Last Guardian

Johnny Cullen (The Last of Us – Host/Creative Producer, My Favourite Game)
Steve Gaynor (???????? ???? ? РEpisode ?????, Season 5)

Listen to our last Christmas period special – and our last episode of 2016 – below.

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And here’s that video I mentioned of Pokemon Go from GameSpot’s Jess McDonnell. We’ll see you in 2017. x

My Favourite Game will return in 2017.