Blog: The long wait…

Let’s talk.

So we’ve been promising Season 5 of My Favourite Game for a good while now. Since last year, actually.

But the truth is Season 5 of My Favourite Game does not exist.

So there. No more My Favourite Game. Bye.

That’s not true…but I should give some context to that last bit at the very least.

I wrote the above three lines in February of this year, intending to announce then I was putting My Favourite Game on hold, but I just couldn’t write anything more beyond those three lines in what was a really, really bad and self-depricating mental health day. I’d recorded already one episode of Season 5 and had planned to record a second episode just before Christmas of last year.

But one day, I just woke up and had very little enthusiasm to do anymore episodes. I emailed the guest in question of the second episode I was meant to record and asked if we could delay into the New Year.

In my heart of hearts, I was just done. Depression had kinda seeped away any excitement I had to do the remainder of Season 5. And depression is an incredibly convincing motherfucker, as I alluded to in a post last year.

In March, I tweeted My Favourite Game was on hiatus. And I did it through my own account, not the MFG Twitter. Rather, I quoted tweeted my tweet through the MFG Twitter and added a bit more to it, but other than that, no grand fanfare or something. It was just there. But there was another reason why I did that.

Whilst depression had kinda taken hold to the point I just couldn’t do anymore episodes, even if I still had something in me to do the rest of Season 5, it would have been wise to just put the show on the backburner until I got better. And better in a relative sense in light of depression. I had to pick my battles and I had to sacrifice something to try and improve myself whilst doing other games things. I picked My Favourite Game.

My mental health has been a kind of yo-yo over the past year or so – including a period in September and October where it had been the worst it had ever become to the point it got seriously desperate – but I’m in a much better place. I don’t feel ashamed to talk openly about my mental health, whether on social media or here. If it helps less stigmatise it, I’m all for it.

I won’t go into every detail, natch, but it’s something that’s important to me. And, without giving too much away, that is why an upcoming episode of Season 5 is actually super important to me, even if for most of it, me and the guest in question goes off on too many tangents because we’re being laughing idiots too much.

Anyway, on Season 5 itself. In earlyish October, I started feeling the itch to do more episodes again, to actually get back on the horse again and get back onto My Favourite Game after a long break away from the show, during which I managed to write a book. Who knew. Anyway, I found I enjoyed doing it again! And the break did wonders! I think some of the episodes coming will be fun, informative and enjoying to listen to.

Let me make it clear that right now, Season 5 is still a bit out, but the plan is – as of now when this goes live – for everything to kick off early next year. I’ve recorded just over half of Season 5 and going to be recording a few more episodes when the New Year kicks in. Once the full season is recorded, that’s when this party can truly start. I can plot out when they come out, tease it a bit more and etc etc.

As for the two guests I mentioned above? Well, one of them is already known, Fullbright’s Steve Gaynor – he was announced as a Season 5 guest during My Favourite Game (of 2016). His episode has been sitting in storage since I took that hiatus. By the time it comes out, it’ll still be relevant enough to have considering the game in question (though this was recorded pre-Tacoma release so some of it might be slightly dated). As for the second guest? I finally got round to record their episode at the end of November, but considering we had considerable technical issues, we’re hopefully going to be re-recording in mid-January.

Which leads to My Favourite Game (of 2017). Even if I didn’t do a Season 5, this was still something I wanted to do. Maybe as a sort of finale for the show, the last ever episode. At least that was one thought going through me earlier this year. Let me make it clear, My Favourite Game (of 2017) won’t be a sort of series finale. Rather, as its been since I started doing that special in 2015, its been a nice, fun way to look back on the past year in games.

But especially considering how incredible this year was with gaming, I just could not have this year without a special. And so I’ve been working away on it since late October. And I can certifiably say this much: this is not only the longest MFG GOTY special ever, but also the longest, single episode of My Favourite Game ever.

Everything is still to be locked in because of one or two admin things, but we’re talking within the three-hour ballpark. So for those who need something to listen to on the long trek back from home over Christmas, My Favourite Game (of 2017) will be the go-to podcast to listen to.

Furthermore, to slightly help make up for no Season 5 this year, My Favourite Game (of 2017) will also announce some of the guest lineup for S5. Now, you won’t hear all of them, but you will get a chance to hear from some guests that’ll be on the show next year. And yes, Steve Gaynor is amongst the lineup for this episode. As am I. Beyond that? You’ll just have to check out the show when it goes live tomorrow for who is part of Season 5 along with the established Season 1, 2, 3 and 4 guests and what will be discussed.

But I’ll give you a few more hints. The first game discussed will be around twenty minutes long and the person kicking off the show? Me. The game? I’m not going to say here but *coughcough* I very much like this game enough *coughcoughaaaaaaaackcoughcough* to have it be in my top ten games of all time now, let alone my favourite game of the year. And the last game discussed in the episode? Around 40 minutes long. I don’t think you need to be a scientist – or even that clever enough – to realise what this game is.

I first mentioned Season 5 a bit over two years ago on this site. I had intended to put it out towards the end of 2016 and then see what happened after that with the show. Its taken a bit longer to get there, but it’s almost there. To anyone who is or was a regular listener to the show: I think you’ll really enjoy it. For those coming in for the first time: listen to some of the older stuff – there’s some fantastic stuff – to help get a sense of what My Favourite Game is all about to help tide over the wait for Season 5.

I’m not going to apologise for putting myself ahead of other things, including My Favourite Game, as I sought to improve myself. But I will apologise for anyone, no matter how small the number, for waiting so long on new episodes. Hopefully, My Favourite Game (of 2017) will provide some sort of buffer when that drops tomorrow night. For now, enjoy that and please be excited for Season 5.

Have a fantastic 2018 whatever you’re up to. Xxx

Johnny Cullen
Host/Creative Producer, My Favourite Game