Here is your lineup for My Favourite Game – Season 5, Part One

My Favourite Game is… wait, part one!?

It actually feels good to be able to say these words again after nearly two years: My Favourite Game is back. And I mean properly back. Not as a one-off special, but with a brand new season. But with a bit of a twist.

For a whole lot of reasons, we’re breaking Season 5 into two parts. We kinda did this with Season 3, but even then, it was to even out things after a two week break and with the season nicely split at that point. But right now, the first part of Season 5 is kicking off on Wednesday and as things stand, part two will be out just after E3. Stay tuned for what’s to come from part two, there’s some really cool episodes to come.

For now, lets focus on part one. It kicks off this week with a season premiere that has been sat on for just over a year now. Fullbright’s Steve Gaynor will kick off Season 5 of My Favourite Game with one of the greatest games in the modern era and of all time, Resident Evil 4. That’ll be live on Wednesday. And then beginning April 11, Edge deputy editor Jen Simpkins will wrap up part one with a two-part episode mid-season finale on a fairly recent puzzle game that involved so much frustration, paper and pen planning and more frustration. That’ll drop starting April 11.

Usually, we don’t announce the games lineup until the week before the episode airs. We’re announcing Steve’s game here because it’s only two days away. And that remains the case here… for the most part. We’re making an exception because I’m bound by law to mention that industry youngin’ Kate Johnston, who is part of part one, will be talking about Dragon Age: Inquisition and thus egg-shaped men. I don’t make these laws. They just happen.

Anyway, there’s some great episodes here: Mediatonic writer Ed Fear on a game that invokes discussion on religion (you’ll hear that episode next week and find out the exact game this week), Checkpoint’s Jennifer Hazel finally talks of a game that is well overdue on this show as well as gaming and mental health and Assassin’s Creed III & Far Cry 4 creative director Alex Hutchinson, now of his own upstart developer Typhoon Studios in Montreal, talks of a late 80s Amiga game.

Some good shit to come, so stay tuned. Here’s the full lineup for part one and calendar below. Reminder: part two is planned for a mid-summer release after E3.

Wednesday, March 7 [Season Premiere]
Resident Evil 4, by Steve Gaynor (Fullbright)

Wednesday, March 14
Ed Fear (Mediatonic)

Wednesday, March 21
Jennifer Hazel (Checkpoint)

Wednesday, March 28
Alex Hutchinson (Typhoon Studios)

Wednesday, April 3
Dragon Age: Inquisition, by Kate Johnston (Dragon Age loon)

Wednesday, April 11 [Mid-Season Finale – Part One]
Jen Simpkins [Edge]

Wednesday, April 18 [Mid-Season Finale – Part Two]
Jen Simpkins [Edge]