Season 5 Premiere – Resident Evil 4, by Steve Gaynor

“What are ye buying?”

Hello. We’re officially back! Like actually back!

We’ve been gone for just under two years for reasons that’s already been outlined, but we’re coming back. No more delays, we’re finally here again.

I’ve explained all the details for why My Favourite Game has been gone for so long here, but needless to say, this is the start of us coming back. And we kick off again in a big way

We start off Season 5 with this, an episode I’ve been sitting on this for a while. This was first recorded in December of 2016, but considering what is discussed about is timeless – mostly – we can get away with keeping it as it is.

My Favourite Game’s return sees Tacoma’s director Steve Gaynor talk of Resident Evil 4 as his favourite game. We discuss how he first got into the series after renting out a PlayStation 1 from Blockbuster with Resident Evil 1, , the numerous iterations of the game before it finally came out (including an originally planned version of the game to be directed by Hideki Kamiya which subsequently became the origin of Devil May Cry), the number of numerous versions of the game and more.

You can listen to the long overdue season premiere of Season 5 of My Favourite Game below [Soundcloud version coming later in the week].

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