Season 3

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Part One

Episode One [Season Premiere]
The Sims 2, by Jordan Erica Webber [Freelancer]

Episode Two
Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil, by Dan Pearce [Four Circle Entertainment]

Episode Three
Fallout 3, by Harriet Jones [Chucklefish]

Episode Four
Persona 3, by Sarah Wellock [Bethesda]

Episode Five
X-COM: Enemy Unknown, by Jake Tucker [Videobrains]

Part Two

Episode Six
Silent Hill 2, by Carli Velocci [Freelancer]

Episode Seven
Deus Ex, by Tom Francis [Indie dev – Gunpoint/Heat Signature]

Episode Eight
Final Fantasy VII, by Dan Seto [Square Enix]

Episode Nine [Season Finale – Part One]
Katamari Damacy, by Robin Hunicke [Funomena]

Episode Ten [Season Finale – Part Two]
A Mind Forever Voyaging, by Sam Barlow [Indie dev – Her Story]

[Best of Season Three]
[My Favourite Game (of 2015)]

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